01. Looped Visions
02. Horizontal Processions
03. Knocking On The Ground

Written and Produced by Brandon Locher in New York, NY & Johnstown, PA (2019 - 2020)

Mastered by Chad Clark in Arlington, Virginia at Silver Sonya Recording & Mastering (2020)

Cover Art: Mazes to the Motherlode LXI (Inverted), Ink and Graphite on Paper, 12" x 12", 2019 by Brandon Locher


01. Medium Frequency (Single Version)
02. Slow Steps
03. Air Notes

Written and Produced by Brandon Locher in New York, NY
Mastered by Chad Clark in Arlington, Virginia at Silver Sonya Recording & Mastering
Cover Art: Mazes to the Motherlode LXI, Ink and Graphite on Paper, 12" x 12", 2017 by Brandon Locher

Hush Hush Records is proud to announce Brandon Locher's debut solo release under his own name, due out February 9th, 2018.

Brandon Locher is a musician and visual artist living in New York, NY. After years of creating music under a multitude of aliases, Locher’s shift to his own name signals a newfound focus and honesty in his sonic creations. He states, “From the very beginning my music has always been rooted in a self-produced vision but lately I've felt such an enhanced clarity and boundless freedom with developing my own individual journey."

EP1’s three songs explore a boundless instrumental downtempo terrain that bursts with a jazzy, orchestral, cinematic quality. Locher’s knack for intricate arrangements, deceptively complex details, and creative electro-acoustic productions shines brightly throughout. “Medium Frequency” eases in with a few simple hypnotic notes before gradually building into a feverish orchestra propelled by nimble strings, melodic woodwinds, and a soaring saxophone solo. A gentle calm runs throughout “Slow Steps,” the track’s elegant synth work and theatrical chamber-like orchestration evoking a lush auditory ballet. “Air Notes” closes things out with a minimalist arrangement that touches upon the iconic works of Terry Riley and Philip Glass, while adding a refreshing contemporary touch with a restless underlying rhythmic current.

EP1 is the start of a new era for Locher's audio creations and a uniquely compelling addition to his vast oeuvre. It follows a prolific string of multi-media projects and avant-garde collaborations under various monikers. Most recently, Locher released a 3-hour digital compilation in January 2017 with over 50 selected tracks highlighting a decade’s worth of mostly unreleased material and his contributions to My Idea of Fun, an art and music archive based out of his hometown of Johnstown, PA. Outside of his musical creations, Locher is also a longtime Ghostly International collaborator, his stunning hand-drawn visual art pieces released in forms of limited edition prints, downloadable desktop backgrounds, a turntable slipmat, and various objects by the revered label.
"Air Notes" (Official Music Video) - Created and Directed by Brandon Locher


This collection of recordings finds Locher producing recordings from all 48 Continental United States, consisting of one single serial chain of phone calls. The initial confused answerer is recorded and then used to playback in a new call to another randomized receiver. That person's response is then taped and played back for another confused recipient, over and over, State to State...

Download or stream 1/4 of the project at UbuWeb


01. Brandon Locher - Medium Frequency (2016)
02. Brandon Locher - January 29, 2006 *
03. Nan Ding - World War II (2007)
04. Nan Ding - World War IV (2007)
05. The One and Only Matt Miller - Left, 2010 *
06. Stage Hands - #unabomber (feat. The One and Only Matt Miller) (2015)
07. Stage Hands - Regardless (Live Version) (04/07/2015)
08. Endless Mike & the Beagle Club - Mr. Miller's Opus (Live) 2007 *
09. Brandon Locher - Audio Diary: 11/30/2007 *
10. Cody Wallat - Favorite Everything (Medley) 2007 *
11. Brandon Locher - Recording Instructions (2012)
12. Siamese Dream - 3-6 (2007)
13. Siamese Dream - 1-2 (Demo) 2007 *
14. Siamese Dream - 1-5 (2007)
15. Siamese Dream - Waiting For Our Mother, 2007 *
16. Siamese Dream - Arthur Ritus (2008)
17. Emmett and Mary - Clay's Lament, 2008 *
18. Emmett and Mary - Cult Answers II, 2008 *
19. The One and Only Matt Miller - Acoustic Guitar Sketch, 2010*
20. Bikini Test Go Ahead - Lucy On Your Telephone (Live at VOMA) 2010 *
21. Dallas Zimmerman - Thanks For Waking Me Up (2008)
22. John Thorell - "Track 4" (2007)
23. John Thorell - V (ergo propter hoc) (2007)
24. Adam Clayton Cullum - In The Past Few Months... (2008)
25. The Meets - Drums & Cello (2008)
26. The Meets - Some Other Harlot (2008)
27. Emmett and Mary - Fanatical Hunting Club (2010)
28. Technological Epidemic - Birthmark (2007)
29. Brandon Locher - Geometro (2010)
30. Brandon Locher - 2/4/07 *
31. Brandon Locher - High In Art, 2010 *
32. Emmett and Mary - Early Dismissal (Teenage Queen) (2008)
33. Brandon Locher - Date Created: 1-26-2007 *
34. Brandon Locher - You're Simply Beautiful, 2000 *
35. Emmett and Mary - To Absent Strangers (2010)
36. Emmett and Mary - The Book of Idols (2010)
37. Emmett and Mary - Spanish Blog Review, 2010 *
38. Emmett and Mary - Broadcast Fireworks Display, 2008 *
39. Brandon Locher & Andy Mulkerin - In Conversation (pt. 1) (2013)
40. The Meets - (closing thoughts), 2009 *
41. Brandon Locher & Andy Mulkerin - In Conversation (pt. 2) (2013)
42. The Meets - Knocking On The Ground (Album Version) (2013)
43. Brandon Locher - Conversations (Revisited) (2013)
44. The Meets - Knocking On The Ground (Live Version) (2013)
45. John Thorell - Unreleased Riff, 2008 *
46. Brandon Locher - Sleeping Music (pt. 2) / Walking Music (2007)
47. Brandon Locher - Popcorn, 2007 *
48. Brandon Locher & Andy Mulkerin - In Conversation (pt. 3) (2013)
49. The Wax Ensemble, 2014 *
50: Brandon Locher - Date Created: March 28, 2015 *
51. Emmett and Mary - Popular Invitation, 2009 *
52. Emmett and Mary - Surveying Revelations (Ash Road) (2010)
53. Brandon Locher - Date Created: March 5, 2008 *
54. Elementary Thought Process - December 31, 2010 *

* previously unreleased
All tracks recorded & produced by Brandon Locher (2000-2016)

Since 2007 My Idea of Fun has released over 340+ physical and digital releases from musicians and artists with roots to Johnstown's DIY scene since the early 2000s. Like Alan Lomax, since 2007 Locher has collected days upon days of recordings from shows, parties, and everyday life in Johnstown, PA. Locher alone has contributed over 80 releases to the MIoF archives under various monikers and artistic mediums including audio recordings, visual art, multimedia art and sound art. About ten years ago on 03/25/2007 high school friends Ian Rummell, Jacob Koestler, and Brandon Locher resurrected My Idea of Fun with the Woods at Night cassette tape. Very quickly after other people involved with the Johnstown, Pennsylvania's DIY music scene started to archive and release via www.myideaoffun.org, and after the first year alone the art & music collective had over 40 archived releases by the year's end.

Since these initial releases My Idea of Fun has always functioned as a completely open platform with physical and digital releases across all mediums and artistic practices. Nobody owns My Idea of Fun and there is no president, leaders, or board. There is also no curators, except the artist themselves who generally all have ties and roots to Johnstown's DIY scene for over a decade plus.

This free digital compilation 10 Years of My Idea of Fun shows Locher's artistic development and growth, musical conversations with himself and friends, as he often gives his friends the spotlight and center stage.


01. Stage Hands
02. The Populating Of Empty Space
03. Adaptive Lines
04. Regardless

05. #unabomber (feat. The One and Only Matt Miller)

Written and Produced by Stage Hands

Stage Hands:
Brandon Locher
Gerald Mattis

Also featuring:
Jon Beard: Drum engineering (track: 5)
Sean Jackson: KORG MS2000 (tracks: 3, 4, 5)
John Livingston: Piano (track: 1)
The One and Only Matt Miller: Vocals and Lyrics (track: 5)

Mastered by TJ Lipple
Cover photo by Ian Rummell

Stage Hands is multimedia artist/producer Brandon Locher and drummer/producer Gerald Mattis. On Feb. 10, 2015, Johnstown, PA music and art archive My Idea of Fun released Stage Hands' self-titled debut LP in vinyl and digital formats. Since 2006 Brandon Locher has quietly disseminated more than 60 releases under various monikers and in various mediums. Most recently, Locher was at the helm of the 20-person avant-orchestra The Meets and the group’s It Happens Outside LP. Also a visual and conceptual artist, Locher has recently debuted visual work with Ghostly International. Stage Hands is the most recent iteration of Locher’s creative output, formed in 2013 with longtime friend Mattis. On the duo’s debut LP, Locher constructs his signature sonic and rhythmic collages, weaving elements of jazz, ambience, and IDM into his production, alongside Mattis’s sure-handed drumming, split between acoustic and electronic kits. Within its 26 minutes, the Stage Hands LP patiently burst and blooms from placid and meditative, to nervous and glitchy, to pulsing and malleable. Locher and Mattis create a self-contained cosmos ruled by their own theories, laws and forces, giving way to a polychromatic world with plenty of terrain to explore.

Bandcamp (Digital/Vinyl)
Experimedia (Vinyl)


01. Shruti's Song (01:28)
02. Stoned Eyes (01:17)
03. Nobody, Not Even The Rain (02:28)
03. The Fish's Eye (01:54)
05. She Who Laughs Last (01:54)
06. Broadcast Fireworks Display (Pt. 1) (01:28)
07. Today Grew Dark (03:17)

08. Knocking On The Ground (Album Version) (02:39)
09. Even When The Time Comes (03:28)
10. The Witching Hour (02:58)
11. As A Period in Which Nothing Happens (07:09)
12. Broadcast Fireworks Display (Pt. 2) (01:52)

Written and Produced by Brandon Locher
Mastered by Nick Zammuto
Jacket Printing by Jeff Mueller for Dexterity Press
Cover Art by Julie Mallis

The Meets:
Dane Adelman - Bass, organ
Rachel Allen - Crystal bowls, shruti box, finger cymbals
Jean Brinker - Bells, crystal bowls, hand bells, wind chimes
Dave DiStefano - Drum set
Jeff Goble - Harmonica
Bethany Goch - Clarinet, field-recordings
Bud Jackson - Congas, drum circle
Dylan Jackson - Drum circle
Nathan Jackson - Drum circle
Scott Jeffreys - Fretless bass
Chris Klym - Drum set, drum circle
Brandon Locher - Acoustic guitar, bells, cello, drum circle, field-recordings, flute, harmonica, prepared piano, rhodes, sound collage, samples, trumpet, tv
Greg Meredith - Drum set
Matt Miller - Additional processing
Scotty Mina - Drum circle
Adam Mundok - Congas, saxophone
Jono Poltrack - Drum circle
Kate Robson - Trombone
Ian Rummell - Feedback
John Thorell - Cello, violins

Since 2006 Brandon Locher has quietly disseminated more than 50 releases under various monikers and in various mediums, though The Meets has recently evolved into a particularly important vehicle for his work. Composed of a rotating live performance and recording ensemble directed and produced by Brandon Locher, The Meets' ensemble consists of nearly two dozen musicians playing and sampling acoustic and electronic instruments over an electronically created sound collage. According to Locher, "80% of the sounds on the album are organic, taken from field-recordings that I made - a drum circle that happened in the streets, recording friends playing orchestral instruments, etc, to build this created ensemble with everyone being credited." The album's name, It Happens Outside, does something to indicate Locher's priorities, using the album and his cast of players used to create a literal exploration of how the ensemble can evolve musically, a heavy emphasis being placed on one-on-one to coordination with different participants during the three year recording process. As a created space, It Happens Outside acquires the character of third stream music, the fusion of jazz and classical. Like famous Manhattan busker and avant-garde composer Moondog, Locher's creation has an indelible connection to the rhythms and anatomy of the city - samples originate from field recordings there, gathered while staying with his sister, fellow artist Olivia Locher. His background growing up and collaborating with My Idea of Fun from Western Pennsylvania has given his treatment of those sounds a distinct sensitivity as he explores his own sense of terrestrial space, the album a uniquely compelling addition to his oeuvre.

Bandcamp (Digital/Vinyl)

01. Conversations (Revisited) (35:17)

This newly revisited and extended sound piece consists of a serial chain of phone calls. The first without a response on the other side is recorded. The confused answerer repeating, "Hello? Hello?" is then used to playback in a new call to another randomized receiver. That person's response is then taped and played back for another confused recipient, over and over again... The role of the music is to reveal the life that invisibly flows in and through us at all moments. That music is continuous; it is only we who turn away.


01. Even When The Time Comes (03:32)
02. 16 Hours of This (16 Hours of Video Games) (05:56)
03. Disappear Here (07:19)
04. Disorient (05:48)
05. Motion Studies (04:53)

All Tracks Written & Produced by Brandon Locher
Track 1 mastered by Nick Zammuto
Tracks 2-5 mastered by TJ Lipple

Also featuring:
Rachel Allen - Percussion
Siri Dev - Drum set
Jeff Goble - Vocals (track: 2)
Scott Jeffreys - Fretless bass
Adam Mundok - Saxophone
Zonal Patcher - Prepared keyboard
Corey Shawley - Violin
John Thorell - Violin
Matt Wagner - Electric guitar, trumpet
Abigail Wess - Cello
For over 30+ more releases by Brandon Locher please visit: myideaoffun.org